Looking back at 2018

When this year draws to a close, nothing better that a quick look back at everything we have accomplished so far; no one better than our own jarl, Gautar der Kalde, to summarize it all.

I was preparing a very long tirade about our group’s activities in 2018 but I think the video speaks for itself. Without a doubt, the high point of this year was our acceptance into the Red Wing brotherhood and to have had the chance to fight at Neustadt Glewe Burgfest’s and Wolin’s events.

The credit should not only go to those who travelled and fought in those events, but to all the members of the group which actively participate in meetings and training sessions, help out where is needed and, in short, help everyone improve, day after day. Today, Bjørnland Hird is more than just a historical re-enactment group.

Our acceptance into Red Wing has allowed us to establish bonds with several other groups in our country, putting together what we now know as Red Wing Spain. I want to take this opportunity to thank them all for the good times spent together this year, and their effort; I encourage them to keep up the good work for next year.

Also, I would like to thank our Commanders, Lubomir, Asulf and Gorm for their trust and friendship; I hope we have not let them down. Special thanks go to jarl Asulf, of “Les Loups de Fenrir (FR)” group, for supporting me since the very first day we met, and for stretching out a helping hand when I was down in the dumps. As we say in Spain, “those who went hungry with me will sit at my table”.

2018 has been the best year in our history, but I am sure 2019 will not fall too far behind.