Our saga builds up

Already safely back home.

This has been our first year as combatants in Wolin and in spite of our 8 to 1 defeat we are very proud of having fought in the Red Wing and of having seen our banner fly alongside our brothers´.

It has been a hard year, with many training sessions and events outside Spain, a lot of investment in kit and gear, etc, but sharing the battlefield both with and against the best Warriors has made it all worthy.

We want to thank our commanders Lubomir Aleksandrowicz, Jarl Asulf Wilhelmsonf and Szymon Kaźmierczak for the opportunity they have given us and their confidence. Also a big loud thank you to all the group chiefs and all the warriors for their friendship and support, with an special mention to Damien Didier for the honour of serving under his command.

New challenges await next year. The most important one, preparing a Spanish squad trained and equipped to the highest standard, ready to defend our colours in Wolin.